Once you see it, you cannot UNSEE it
Just finished my portfolio πŸ’Ό
I’m up!πŸ‘£

You’ve never lived you’ve never taken a train far far away πŸŒΎπŸ™‡

Look, I just found these fossils.
Sometimes you have to look past the darkness, so you can see the light.🎭

Bitch don’t kill my vibe

#tbt with my bro @alexoperezo at knotts, ahahaha had my overalls on point!


We’re all guilty.
Woahh #nobama #art #artaskformore
#nuffSaid πŸ’¦
Open your eyes. Let the UNSCENE become SEEN. #educateyourself @liketodiscover
Supporting a fellow Unscene artist. Been supporting me since my adolescence. Even got me first tat from this dude. πŸ’€ Anyways, go check out my friends work, he’s legit. @aaron_tattooer  @aaron_tattooer  @aaron_tattooer  @aaron_tattooer